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Human Rights Advocacy

The Department of Mental Health, Developmental Services, and Substance Abuse Services, Office of Human Rights assigns a Human Rights Advocate to the facilities and over six regions in the Commonwealth. The Human Rights Advocate is available to respond to complaints regarding rights violations. The Human Rights Advocate functions independently in their assigned facility and report directly to the Office of Human Rights.

Human Rights Advocates are charged with:

Representing clients whose rights are alleged to have been violated.

Monitoring facility compliance with client rights regulations.

Providing training and assistance to the
Local Human Rights Committee and · Reviewing facility policies to ensure compliance with the Regulations .

The clients rights process strives to resolve complaints first in an informal manner through the Facility Director. If this is not possible, a formal complaint process, which includes the Human Rights Advocate and the
Local Human Rights Committee , is utilized to assist with complaint resolution. 

Mrs. Mandy Crowder is the SVMHI Region  Human Rights Advocate  assigned to SVMHI.  Her contact number is: 434 773 4315.   Her email is: . Her office is located here at SVMHI however she  also  covers community programs in Martinsville, Henry County, Patrick County, Franklin County, Danville, Pittsylvania County. You may leave a voice or email  at any time and she’ll return your call  or email as soon as possible.

All meetings will be held at the Danville-Pittsylvania Community Services at 245 Hairston St., Danville, VA. In the Betty Whitehead Conference Room at 5:30 pm.


2014 quarterly meeting schedule


January 21, 2014 – Rescheduled Date February 18, 2014

April 15, 2014

July 15, 2014

October 14, 2014


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